The family department’s lawyers provide an unrivalled level of experience. The highest level of attention to detail coupled with experienced negotiation skills provide our clients with consistently high satisfaction levels. The stress associated with family breakups involving divorce and disputes over children can be avoided as much as possible with a sensitive and considered approach. The wealth of experience of our family team will ensure you a discrete and thorough approach to the process whether the result is achieved by negotiation and agreement or through court proceedings. We offer a number of different ways to access advice and assistance from us:

  • ‘Pay-as-you-go’ whereby you book timeslots with us for us to provide advice on your case and help with documentation but we are not involved in any correspondence with any other party and the main work is carried out by you with advice from us; or
  • Specific pieces of work for a fixed fee. We will agree to carry out an agreed service for a specific fee. In this case we will complete the documents needed for the agreed service and enter in to limited correspondence. Examples of such work are:
    • apply for Divorce if uncontested;
    • respond on an uncontested Divorce;
    • help complete a Form E;
    • advise on an agreement reached in Mediation;
    • draft a Consent Order in financial proceedings;
    • appear at specified hearings on your behalf (you will still need to attend);
    • Separation Agreements;
    • Cohabitation Agreements;
    • make an Application in Children Act matters; or
    • Act for you. We will advise and assist you in your case by completing relevant paperwork, corresponding with the other parties, dealing with the Court and attend Court Hearings with you.

We offer an initial fixed fee interview for £150 plus VAT at which we can consider your matter with you and help you choose the most effective way we can assist you.

Please contact one of our legal advisors listed on the right hand side of this page for further assistance.